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Technical Architect/Lead

Looking for a Technical Architect/Lead. The Technical Architect/Lead will also be performing a System Integrator role and will be involved for setting the strategic direction by creating roadmaps, designing operating models and driving operational excellence through delivery lifecycle. Your future duties and responsibilities:  Convert client requirements into solution architecture and design  Assess and recommend emerging technologies and use cases  Lead preparation of solution architecture and design Lead our CI/CD implemenation  Oversee and support Functional & Technical Requirements gathering and definition  Provide Technical leadership and exposure across a broad scale of tools, technologies, and architecture models  Help program and project managers in the design, planning, and governance of projects  Provide direction, coaching and technical leadership guidance to the development teams during application development life cycle  Must Have Requirements: At

Lack of knowledge main reason for Knowledge Graph POC failures

A lot of problem today can  easily be resolved with a Knowledge Graph, and out of box  technologies do exists today. Our favorite technology for such problems is the Resource Description Framework (RDF), often referred to has Web Semantic. It relatively simple yet extremely powerful and best of all it's an industry standard.   Unfortunately this or other graph data store for that matter are often set aside in-lieu of building an in-house custom graph engine using their favorite programming language  over a relational database and in memory cache.  Why? Ironically the reason is because of lack of knowledge. For example, I was invited to an architecture review for an application to resolve a problem that was a great use case for using RDF. As you can guess, their solution included building an in-house custom graph engine over a relational database. The first question I ask was how much effort to building this custom engine logic, to which they answered 4 weeks. My second q